career profile

Help hiring managers measure talent.

Pounse profiles are free for students, professionals & gig workers that hiring managers can sift through and dig into easily. Guided, with quantified skills, verified experiences, context, samples and a short but sweet video pitch.

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A sample of a Pounse Career career profile that includes experiences, embedded skills and samples of work.
career coach

Coach, mentor, support candidates to have better story lines.

Career Coaches, advisors, counsellors and professors can support their students and clients with feedback & collaboration all in one space. And, if desired, showcase that talent to the world.

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set up coach
A sampling of different features that allow coaches to work with career profiles efficiently and effectively.
team builder

Free ATS

Small businesses and internal hiring teams can design and build job descriptions and invite applicants to connect and pitch themselves in 30 seconds. And it's free (whaaaaat?!)

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Employer job descriptions are easy to craft and include video pitches
career services hub

Showcase, connect, engage

Institutions, co-ops and associations of talented students and professionals can host a talent marketplace and showcase their skills to hiring partners.

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set up hUB
A Pounse HUB sample allows employers to look for talent in a closed off marketplace hosted by schools, institutions and associations