Hello! This is Pounse

Create genuine connections between people & work
with stories that intertwine experience and skills

Pounse is a place for career profiles, jobs and story telling to interact and connect

Pounse fosters connections between talent & companies

Pounse Career profiles are broken by skills, experiences and video pitches

Pounse is a talent ecosystem that empowers job hunters, companies, schools and associations to showcase, collaborate & connect.

By helping, guiding and empowering each player in hiring, the goal of good talent isn't a needle in a haystack anymore, it's about connecting sooner, at a lower cost, and less risk than any of the hiring tech today.

How? By leveraging authenticity.

Five solutions,
One seamless workflow.

From job hunting to hiring, we designed different solutions for different needs that all work seamlessly together.

We are constantly introducing new functionality to our platform. If there's anything you don't see here that you'd like, we are eager to solve your talent challenges.

If you're a client, simply click the lightbulb icon to make feature requests.

Pounse Pro is a career profile builder
A smart career profile

Guided, with quantified skills, verified experiences, context, samples and a short but sweet video pitch.

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Pounse HIRE is a simple ATS that makes hiring a breeze
Build a team without noise

Peel away the costs, boost engagement, exercise transparency and build authentic connections.

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Pounse Coach helps career advisors and coaches collaborate with students.
Coach & Collaborate

Support students and clients with feedback & collaboration all in one space.

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Your own talent marketplace

Launch student careers & engage hiring partners with a private, authentic, talent marketplace.

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Pounse Alumni is a platform that helps schools and associations showcase their alumni
Show off your community

Build exclusivity with partners with this closed off community of talent.

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PS: Every solution comes with a free license.