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The problem with hiring today...

Today we see long hiring cycles, disengaged candidates jumping thru so many ATS hurdles, 100s of resumes piling up on desks and the first interview of 15 minutes waste time, energy and money.

Hiring today is convoluted and costly for hiring managers

Pounse streamlines hiring

Pounse shortens the hiring cycle by replacing the application and resume with connection video pitches in a dynamic profile. The best part - that first 15 minute interview isn't really needed anymore - so it's easier, less time consuming and more fun to assess potential with more authentic data than the today's ATS.

Hiring with Pounse HIRE is fast, streamlined, transparent and more fun.
team builder

Job Builder

Small businesses and internal hiring teams can easily design and build job descriptions from scratch that make sense to applicants by breaking everything down to it's basics.

Knock Out Requirements

Make requirements mandatory to widdle out unqualified candidates from applying, or make them suggested to give everyone a fair chance.

Video Pitch Application

Toggle if you'd like your candidates to provide a 30 second pitch and what question to answer

Profiles or PDFs

Applicants can take the time to create a profile and give you a way easier insight into their talent or send you a PDF Resume that you can compare in your dashboard.

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Employer job descriptions are easy to craft and include video pitches

HIRE Pricing


  • 25 Talent Credits
    100 PDF Resumes
  • 3 Work Credits
  • 0:45 Talent Pitches
    0:45 Work Pitches
    2 Admins


  • 10 Talent  Credits
  • 10 PDF Resumes
    1 Work Credits
    0:30 Talent Pitches
    0:30 Work Pitches
    1 Admin


  • 500 Talent Credits
    2000 PDF Resumes
  • 40 Work Credits
  • 1:30 Talent Pitches
    1:30 Work Pitches
    10 Admins


  • 2000 Talent Credits
    10K PDF Resumes
  • 125 Work Credits
  • 2:00 Talent Pitches
    2:00 Work Pitches
    25 Admins
Credits for Applicant Connections  |  Work Credits for jobs  |    Talent & Work Pitches are in seconds
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