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Show your potential with a skills based profile that is smart, dynamic and makes job hunting easier, not harder.
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Help hiring managers measure talent.

Pounse profiles are free for students, professionals & gig workers that hiring managers can sift through and dig into easily. Guided, with quantified skills, verified experiences, context, samples and a short but sweet video pitch.

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A sample of a Pounse Career career profile that includes experiences, embedded skills and samples of work.

Easy to build, easy to read.

Pounse profiles hold your hand in creation, sharing and pitching.

Pounse Profile skills are measurable

Quantified Skills

Broken down by segments such as length of time, level, context and verification - scoring gives employers measurable insights into potential, capability, and awesomeness.

Pounse profile score guides users to build a smart career profile

Tactical Profiles

Pounse score guides profiles to be more tactical, not just about content, but the context of skills and the quality of context.

Pounse Verified experiences helps hiring managers trust career experiences

Verified Experiences

Credibility helps hiring managers see potential. Get experiences verified from professors, managers and get an endorsement with the click of a button.

Pounse video pitch

Video Pitch

Grab attention with an authentic 30 second introduction. Write a script, use the tips, and say hello. Even record pitches when connecting with jobs and employers

Pounse profiles are all exportable to PDF

Exported PDF

Centralize social links including an auto-generated PDF for any ATS

pounse profiles allow a carousel of images.


Raise the bar of your profile and win the trust of employers with examples of work, snippets of code photos of your journey in your trade.

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