Alumni Talent HUB
Create a closed off marketplace to showcase your talent to eager employers.

POUNSE ALUM to meet & connect

Unlike an open talent pool like LinkedIn, students and invited partners and even alumni in HUB can find eachother without the noise, spam, scams and competing talent. A space for collaboration, for story telling and for genuine connections that is easily configured, branded and hosted by a school.

Hub is a noise free space that allows your students and partners to find eachother, engage and connect.

Alumni Pricing


  • 750 Alumni Credits
  • 20 Work Credits
    3 Admins


  • 20 Alumni  Credits
  • 1 Work Credits
    2 Admin


  • 10,000 Alumni Credits
  • 250 Work Credits
    10 Admins


  • 25,000 Alumni Credits
  • 500 Work Credits
    25 Admins
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