Career Coaching
Peel away the risks & costs to hiring, boost engagement with talent and employers, and bring authenticity back to the hiring process.
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Coach, mentor, support candidates to have better story lines.

Career Coaches, advisors, counsellors and professors can support their students and clients with feedback & collaboration all in one space. And, if desired, showcase that talent to the world.

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A sampling of different features that allow coaches to work with career profiles efficiently and effectively.

COACH Pricing


  • 30 Talent Credits
  • 0:45 Talent Pitches
    0:45 Work Pitches
    2 Admins


  • 10 Talent  Credits
  • 0:30 Talent Pitches
    0:30 Work Pitches
    1 Admin


  • 600 Talent Credits
  • 1:30 Talent Pitches
    1:30 Work Pitches
    10 Admins


  • 2000 Talent Credits
  • 2:00 Talent Pitches
    2:00 Work Pitches
    25 Admins
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