Talent Mobility
Make succession planning a part of your companies growth,
not micro and tactical, but macro and strategic.
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Strategice talent mobility
See inter-department potential
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Showcase, connect, engage

Institutions, co-ops and associations of talented students and professionals can host a talent marketplace and showcase their skills to hiring partners.

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A Pounse HUB sample allows employers to look for talent in a closed off marketplace hosted by schools, institutions and associations

HUB Marketplace Pricing


  • 100 Talent Credits
    1000 Alumni Credits
  • 20 Work Credits
  • 0:45 Talent Pitches
    0:45 Work Pitches
    2 Admins


  • 10 Talent Credits
  • 50 Alumni Credits
  • 2 Work Credits
    0:30 Talent Pitches
    0:30 Work Pitches
    1 Admin


  • 2000 Talent Credits
    20K Alumni Credits
  • 250 Work Credits
  • 1:30 Talent Pitches
    1:30 Work Pitches
    10 Admins


  • 5000 Talent Credits
    100K Alumni Credits
  • 500 Work Credits
  • 2:00 Talent Pitches
    2:00 Work Pitches
    25 Admins
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