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Collaborate effectively with thousands of students on their career profiles and present them to employers, all in one platform: Pounse.

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A Smart Career Profile

In-App Quality Control

Visitor Activity Tracking

Collaboration Tools to Edit

Multi-Versions of Same Profile

Employer & Job Funnels

Wow Employers with Presentation

Track and Record Placements

Build Your School Brand

Internal & Private Talent Pool

Students get noticed with a Pounse Career Profile

Empower students with a free, smart, private Career Profile designed to get an employers attention and analyze employer interest for strategic follow ups

PRO TIP: Students can register free, fully functioning Pounse profiles even if you don't set up an Advisor account: there's just no profile management, collaboration, screeningss, employer management or slideshows.

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Pounse is a Beautiful and Smart Digital Resume

A clean career profile helps hiring managers see your career in a snapshot while being able to dig deeper into context.

Pounse has no social posts or ads on your profile, no back-door access to mine your data, and no strange LinkedIn connection requests.

Pounse is not a PDF attachment that hiring managers hate printing out and sorting. Pounse is web friendly and easy to share without cutting down more trees.

Pounse can bypass the imperfect ATS which frustrates Hiring Managers when it blocks qualified resumes. Send direct, or broadcast socially then track back and see the difference.

See a Real Career Profile

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“I love this view especially the top timeline. First thing I want to know is what candidates have done and for how long, this timeline pays off well.”


A quick first glance

Brief experience cards are easy for employers to digest and pique their interest. There's more under the hood, but here's what employers see right off the bat.

Overview of your job, experience, even education can be a 2-3 line elevator pitch. The shorter the better.

Skills are often something on their own, but when tied to experience, it shows off context.

Portfolio includes samples of work because, afterall, a picture can tell a thousand words.

A closer look-see

After you pique a hiring managers interest, they'll want to do dig into more, and with a pounse profile, you can show them the following.

(click on the on blue button to see more)

References are tied to a job or school can be verified for a little bit more credibality.

Awards can be badges, accomplishments, industry recognition. Don't be shy about bragging!

Stories bring more depth to a job, beyond a list of responsibilities and tasks. Stories is a place to show off an interesting anecdote that helps hiring managers see fit.

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Collaborate with students and Stage their profile, all in one place

Instead of jumping from a PDF to a spreadsheet to email to collaborate with students, do it all in one platform, including prepping students to showcase to employers.

PRO TIP: Invite students to connect with you on Pounse through an open invite link that you can publish on the school intranet, or on bulletin boards.

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Pounse makes it simple for teachers & students to collaborate

Help students by providing feedback and offering edit suggestions directly in their profile.

Show & Hide work and education panels to stage a version of a career profile for a particular employer.

Pounse is not a PDF attachment that hiring managers hate printing out and sorting. Pounse is web friendly and easy to share without cutting down more trees.

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How pounse makes it easier for advisors to help students.

1000s of Student Profiles at your fingertips

Simplified Boolean keyword search, filters, sorting, and custom tags to label, group, sort, rank student profiles. Every student is at your fingertips.

Profile Creation is easy with a PDF uploader

Students can create an account that's 60% in 10 seconds by uploading a LinkedIn profile.

Empower Students with their own data

Students can Opt In & Opt Out of a relationship with an advisor, as well as delete their account.

Screen, Qualify, Measure

Create custom prescreens to qualify students and share these results with employers in presentations.

One Profile, Many Versions

Customize a profile by hiding and showing elements that will appeal to that a particular employer

Invite Students Quickly and Easily

Invite students through a link, an email, or a job board registration.

A Beautiful Presentation Package for Employers

Manage employers, design and share student profile presentations, track interest, and grow your school reputation by delivering more and more talent to the workforce.

PRO TIP: Create a 'job' board page with company listings instead of jobs, and funnel students to companies of their choice.

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Share Jobs, startups, opportunities.

With Pounse, you can have a space for employers who approach your school with opportunities. Even offer them a completely optional free portal to log in, post jobs, and see candidates in slideshows.

Presentations for Employers

Beautiful student presentations are effortless to make and remove the clutter of PDF attachments in emails. Employers can see slideshows without a login through a private link that can track visitor activity.

“The candidate presentation is next level”


FREE /student

Always free, GDPR compliant, career profile. Cancel Anytime

  • Visual Timeline
  • Traffic analytics
  • Feedback
  • Portfolio + Stories
  • Verified References
  • SHARING tool
  • TRACK activity

  • Invite students from within Pounse Talent
    they can also create their own free POUNSE profile that's not tied to any Talent account.

$19 /advisor/month


Sign up as an individual advisor, or bring on your entire team of advisors to collaborate within one corporate account.
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  • Student Invitations + Templates
  • Student Chat and Collaboration
  • Student Profiles
  • Screening + Templates
  • Hiring Company Management
  • Hiring Company Portal
  • Hiring Company Job Req Page
  • Hiring Company Presentation Portal
  • In App and Email Support

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Pounse isn't just for Schools

Pounse is used by recruiters and small businesses as an ATS, used by CEOs and leadership of big business to know their workforce inside and out, student advisors and career coaches as a coaching platform and screening tool. It doesn't have to tie into your HR suite (but it can) and it doesn't have to be used company wide (but it can) to bring you value.

For Internal Recruiting

From growing SMBs to larger orgs, leadership can post jobs internally, interview & hire.

For Strategic Development

Leaders can identify opportunities within your company's rich talentpool.

For Employee Empowerment

Invite employees to show off for a better opportunity at growth and succession.

For Outplacement

Downsizing sucks, but you can ease the blow by helping exiting employees with a pounse profile.


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