Pounse Recruiter: Talent at your fingertips

Talent here, talent there, talent everywhere

Manage multiple candidates in multiple pipelines, see them side by side from 1000 feet up at a macro level, and see them one by one and dig into their details at a micro level.

Pipelines made easy

On pounse, your talent pipeline and your client job requisitons intertwine while you source, assess and find the best fit for every opportunity. You can move talent through the pipeline while keeping one eye on the job requisition at all times.

Custom Prescreening Tools

Recruiters, be empowered with custom templates that let you create multiple prescreens reusable on different job types and roles. Capture metrics and assess personality traits before you guide talent through the pipeline.

Clearly Beautiful Reports

Get an understanding of the talent pool in your pipeline, keep an eye on your bread and butter clients, and track basic KPIs that are important to your business.


Filter Out The Noise

A successful recruiter is a busy recruiter, but don't let your workload bury you with too much data. Filters allow you to focus on what's important, what's current. Pounse can remember your settings and will always help you keep the most relevant information at your fingertips.


Polished Client Presentations

Impress your client with the best qualified talent in a polished slideshow format that's built right into Pounse. And here's the thing, it will take you minutes to build. No more Powerpoint, no more one off resumes via email. We've even white-labeled this presentation so it's YOUR moment to shine with your client. Knock 'em dead!