Pounse on your future

Pounse is a talent platform for job seekers to shine, for companies to recognize talent, and for coaches to coach.

1 platform, 2 sides, infinite collaboration.

The Candidate side

Pounse Career empowers job seekers with a beautiful and smart digital resume that's easy to build, easy to share. Share it with your career coach, recruiter, and future employer and win more interviews.

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The Talent Management side

Recruiters, hiring managers, HR, career counsellors, coaches use Pounse Talent to work with, manage, collaborate, showcase, and draw in candidates. Pounse makes managing people more engaging.

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Empowered Candidates

Disengaged candidates is the number one reason for Ghosting. With Pounse, candidates own their profile, they have a window into the pipeline, they can be heard as a qualified and valuable candidate.

Recruit and Place

Pounse is about high quality engagement with candidates, hiring managers and clients. It's not about volume and reach, it's winning placements, and winning trust. Watch your glassdoor soar with Pounse.

Coach and Counsel

University colleges are adopting pounse as a collaborative platform for students and counsellors. Career coaches and Resume Writers use pounse to deliver added services to their job hunting clients


Add color to your career

Tired of blending in with all the other PDF resumes and getting overlooked? Guess what, hiring managers are tired of PDFs too! They want to see what REALLY makes you special in a snap. Pounse was designed with the feedback of hundreds of hiring managers who wanted to see a timeline, organized data, context, skills and experience all intertwined in an easy to read career profile. And it isn't just a profile, it's so much more.

A free, safe, and powerful platform for job seekers

Inspired by the lack of support to job seekers and the lack of transparency during a job search, Pounse Career puts the human and their career profile at the epi center of recruiting.

Visual Timeline

Your career in a snapshot helps hiring managers get the scope of your career quickly, seeing the gaps and overlaps in one view.

Vanity URL

Direct people to your career profile with your own web address. A public profile can be seen by anyone, and a private profile is by invite only.

Skills tied to Jobs

Hiring managers love a little context. Don't just list off your skills, tie them to your experiences and education in an elegant way.

Verified References

References are cool. References tied to a particular job, even cooler. But coolest of all is a verified reference, complete with endorsement.

Guided Hand

A resume isn't the easiest thing to put together. Pounse Score puts up guardrails so you can make a smart, balanced career profile,

Strategic Metrics

You can share your profile socially, broadcast it like a social campaign and track back where your visitors are from.

Track Backs

Tired of tossing your resume over the wall and NEVER hearing back? Now you can track back activity and follow up with opportunities.

Data Protection

Your profile data is yours. You control who sees your profile and you can delete your account completely anytime.


Manage candidates, students and employees

Candidate Ghosting is not a problem, it's a symptom of a bigger issue, disengagement. Lack of context is whey qualified students with no experience are overlooked because their resume doesn't show it. Organizations are discovering that their workforce is their richest talent pool.

Pounse Talent is a management platform for Recruiters, HR teams, Coaches, and University Counsellors.

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Work with a Beautiful Profile

When you work with empowered employees, candidates, job seekers, you see the best in that individual. Pounse profiles aren't only beautiful, they're simple, smart, and tell a full story.

Candidate Engagement

Candidates are not engaged by chat bots. It takes their buy in, collaboration, transparency and a human touch. An engaged candidate saves everyone time and money. Less attrition, more good fits.

Measure & Qualify

Create simple screening templates to qualify people for positions, culture and team fit. Send them out to candidates, collect them in their profiles, and share with clients in slide show presentations

Client Space

Share a space for clients to log in, see their jobs, candidate slideshows, pipeline numbers, and create job reqs that populate directly into a hiring manager/recruiters platform.

Client Wow Factor

Wow hiring managers and hiring teams with beautiful presentations that are effortless to make and amazing to receive. Slideshows can be shared by email, in person, or on the client portal.

Search, Sort, Find

Use a simplified boolean search, filters, sorting, and custom tags to group, sort, and manage anyone in your talent pool. Everyone, no matter how deep your pool is at your fingertips.

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A free, GDPR compliant, career profile that you own, share, and delete any time.

  • Social Broadcasting
  • Direct Messaging to Hiring Manager
  • Message Tracking
  • Visual Timeline
  • Traffic analytics
  • Recruiter Feedback
  • Portfolio + Stories
  • Verified References

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$19 /month


A management/engagement platform for people to collaborate on Job opportunities and Career Profiles.

  • Candidate Invitations + Templates
  • Candidate Chat and Collaboration
  • Candidate Profiles
  • Screening + Templates
  • Client Management
  • Client Portal
  • Client Job Req Page
  • Client Presentation Portal
  • In App and Email Support
  • REST API access

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