Recruiting sucks

Human engagement is being replaced by robots,
candidate ghosting is up, employee retention is down,
active candidates feel powerless & passive candidates bothered.
There's a war on who owns candidate data, while the law tries to catch up.

It's time for change.

If you're looking for work, you matter.

Manage Talent: Collaborate, coach, engage.

Own the Job Hunt

Run your job hunt with a smart Pounse Career profile. Market yourself on social media or target hiring managers who then skim, dig in, and easily give feedback to your profile.

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Pounse Career is FREE, GDPR compliant, platform.

Wow Hiring Managers

Not an ATS. Not a CRM. Not a talent pool. Pounse Talent is a differentiator for good recruiters. Show off talent with a slick candidate presentation, collaborate with candidates on career profiles, collaborate with clients on job reqs, win trust with transparency windows and raise your recruiter brand equity.

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Help Employees Grow

Your workforce is your richest talentpool. Pounse Talent empowers your employees with career profiles, hiring managers with internal job postings, and HR with screening tools.

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Collaborate and Coach

Pounse Talent gives Career Counsellors and Career Coaches a platform to support their job seeking clients, their students and their peers.

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A better Glassdoor Review

Turn layoffs, downsizing, workforce corrections from an unpleasant hit to a branding opportunity: help your employees with a career profile, coaching, and ringing endorsements through Pounse Talent.
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Looking for work? Pounse Career is a free platform. If you're managing talent, Pounse Talent is $25 each month per administrator.



For Job Seekers

Marketing Campaign Tools
Visual Timeline
Traffic analytics
Verified References


$25 user/month

For Recruiters, Hiring Managers, Career Coaches, HR

Invite Templates
Candidate Collaboration
Prescreen Templates
Client + Job Management
Client Collaboration
Presentation Portal
Support Access

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Looking for work? Pounse Career is a free platform. If you're managing talent, Pounse Talent is $25 per administrator per monthly.

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A garage in Vancouver, Canada.
Phone: +1 604 788 3352

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Pounse is an idea born from the sludge that makes the Recruiting industry so disgusting. It starts with tiny margins for recruiters, unreasonably picky hiring managers, and 6 seconds to evaluate fit or no fit. Technology's pursuit for deeper talent pools, faster pipelines, automation has adversely buried hiring managers under mountains of crap resumes.
What's so innovative about getting 150 resumes from India when you're looking for a grocery store Cashier in Wichita, Kansas?
And what about the lowly forgotten Candidate who's refered to as Inventory. The same candidate who sees an ATS as a barrier, not a doorway. The same candidate who never hears back after replying to urgent text messages about the perfect job, or is ignored after investing hours applying for a job. The same candidate who's been hunting for a job for 6 months, 12 months 2 years.
And you wonder why candidates Ghost?
Help us fix this with more transparency, more collaboration, more accountability, more beauty.